Obstetrical Care for High-Risk Pregnancy

Obstetrical Care for High-Risk Pregnancy

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Nothing is as worrisome as a high-risk pregnancy, which is why our obstetricians strive to give you the most advanced and compassionate care possible to ease the stress and danger of a complicated pregnancy.

At HealthCare Partners Nevada, our team is keenly focused on high-risk care and integrated obstetrics for the safe and healthy delivery of your child.

Our Obstetrical Care and High-Risk Pregnancy Services


Genetic Testing

Knowing your child’s potential for inherited conditions can be critical in their long-term health. Genetic screenings can help detect potential issues sooner.

Noninvasive Prenatal Testing

Our doctors can perform testing using small fragments of DNA circulating in your blood, avoiding the need for testing measures that could be dangerous to your fetus.

Preterm Delivery

Our doctors are specially trained and will evaluate your risk for early labor. You can rest assured knowing we will be prepared should your child be born early.

Prenatal Care

Monitoring your baby’s development and performing routine testing helps our staff keep you and your baby healthy throughout pregnancy.

Postpartum Care

We help new moms manage both the physical and emotional changes associated with childbirth, providing the tools you need to keep you and your newborn healthy through the formative first months.

Treatment of Cervical Insufficiency

Our doctors are specially trained to identify at-risk pregnancies and perform treatment that can help manage issues associated with cervical insufficiency, including cervical cerclage.

Gestational Diabetes Management

Early detection during your routine prenatal care screenings can allow your doctor to help you manage gestational diabetes and reduce the likelihood of complications during delivery.

Trial of Labor After Cesarean Section/ VBAC

If you have previously given birth by cesarean section, we’ll work with you to determine whether a vaginal birth can safely work for you.

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