Ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery with minimal intervention

Encompassing care throughout prenatal and postpartum stages, midwifery has been shown to lower rates of infant mortality, premature birth, and low birth weight. At Intermountain Healthcare, formerly HealthCare Partners Nevada, we are committed to providing you with an expert midwifery team who believe childbirth is a healthy, natural and beautiful event.

During your pregnancy, you need prompt access to compassionate care which includes expert knowledge of all conditions surrounding it. Often working alongside your obstetrician, your midwife is there to help educate, encourage and coach you through the healthiest and most natural pregnancy and childbirth possible.

Our Midwifery Services


Prenatal Care

Non-invasive and minimally invasive checkups and thorough preventative healthcare for you and your unborn child.

Postpartum Care

Care doesn’t stop after delivery. Our expert midwives are here to conduct postpartum checkups and help you with everything from caring for your newborn to screening for postpartum depression.

Treatment of Infections

Common infections during pregnancy can affect the development of your child. Your midwife can help identify and treat everything from yeast infections to uterine infections to avoid further complications.

Comprehensive Gynecologic Care

With expert training in diagnosis, care and treatment, our team of midwives are highly skilled in caring for your gynecological health needs.

Minor Procedures and Testing

Minor testing and procedures can prevent much worse conditions later on in your pregnancy and can usually be performed in-office using minimally invasive techniques.

Treatment of Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain can occur during pregnancy, and your midwife may use physiotherapy to help relieve your symptoms.


Our midwifery experts can help you find the right contraceptive methods for the prenatal and postpartum periods.


Our midwives take care of the whole you, which means listening to you and answering your questions about growing older and managing your menopause symptoms.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Whether it’s stimulating ovulation or managing menopausal symptoms, we provide services to help kick-start hormone production.

Our expert midwifery team is there for you through every phase of your pregnancy with the compassionate care you need for safe, healthy childbirth.

Let us show you what a difference quality preventative care can make.

Part of being well is being heard.

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