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HealthCare Partners has a long history of serving seniors. As one of the largest medical groups in Southern Nevada, our commitment to providing quality care extends far beyond the exam room. Over the years, we’ve developed various programs, resources and tools that positions us to provide quality health care to our patients when and where they need it.

Access & Network

Convenient access to
quality health care.

As one of the largest medical groups in Southern Nevada, HealthCare Partners provides easy, convenient access to quality health care.

  • Recently, we unveiled our newest clinic concept, myGeneration. Learn more about our clinics dedicated to seniors and see how they’re designed to better serve your health care needs.
  • Our urgent care and walk-in locations are open at night and on the weekends, or times when your primary care provider may not be available. Find a location near you.
  • We include access to 20 acute care hospitals within our network. Check out the full list of our partnering hospitals.
  • With over 300 primary care providers at over 100 primary care locations and 1,500 specialist and support providers, our network makes it easy for you to get the care you need. Check out our listing of providers and locations to find one near you.
Coordinated Care

Learn more about our
Coordinated Care approach.

For Medicare Advantage patients, our patient-centered Coordinated Care model was designed so our primary care providers are supported by a network of nurses, specialists and care managers – all working in sync to help keep you healthy.

  • Learn more about our Coordinated Care approach to delivering health care and how it impacts the services you receive as a HealthCare Partners patient.
  • As part of Coordinated Care, HealthCare Partners is proud to offer integrated specialty providers for cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, oncology/hematology and women’s health.
  • Our House Calls program is available to provide care to our homebound patients. Please discuss with your primary care provider if this option is appropriate for you.
  • We offer disease management programs to support our patients living with a chronic condition. Learn more about available disease management programs and condition requirements.

We strive to provide our patients
the best quality of care.

HealthCare Partners strives to continuously provide our patients the best quality of care and service, helping to ensure their individual health care needs are met.

  • HealthCare Partners helped nearly 5,000 Medicare Advantage members avoid hospital admissions last year. (, n.d.)
  • In 2017, HealthCare Partners surpassed the national CMS benchmark on nine core STAR quality care measures for Medicare Advantage including colorectal cancer screening, diabetes, breast cancer, blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis and more. (2017 rates are using 2018 Star Rates from CMS as of 9/28/17)
  • Our care management team offers Medicare Advantage patients a personalized advocate to help navigate their care plan.
  • HealthCare Partners is dedicated to continuously improving the quality of care we deliver to our patients. Check out more information about our quality management programs.


Check out the below videos to learn more about HealthCare Partners and the services we offer our patients.