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Find the Provider Right for You

Tiffany Bradley, MD

New Patients
New Patients
2 Years In Practice
myGeneration Senior Clinic
Dr. Tiffany Bradley was attracted to Intermountain Healthcare’s Burnham Springs myGeneration Senior Clinic because she found it to be a company that values its patients and physicians and believes the way to optimize healthcare is through the partnership between the physician and patient. She enjoys providing quality care to patients in a setting where her work ethic and diverse experiences are valuable assets.

Before joining Intermountain Healthcare, Dr. Bradley worked as an instructor for Horizons in Medicine and taught motivational classes for high school students interested in medicine. She has taught numerous classes and workshops and made presentations on family medicine topics including community medicine, food as medicine, safe sex and contraception, nutrition for autism, abdominal pain, urgent care, and chest pain.

Dr. Bradley earned her MD and Global Health Certificate from Wright State School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio. She did her residency in family medicine at Northwestern McGaw in Grayslake, Illinois. She completed the medical post-baccalaureate program at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and graduated from the nursing assistant program at South Suburban Community College.

Wright State University


4275 Burnham Ave., Suite 255,Las Vegas,NV,89119

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