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Michael Chau, NP-C

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1 Years In Practice
myGeneration Senior Clinic

Michael Chau brings six years of nursing experience to his position with Intermountain Healthcare at our Craig myGeneration Senior Clinic. He enjoys putting a smile on patients’ faces and taking challenging cases which allow him to expand his knowledge and collaborate with others.

Mr. Chau began his healthcare career pursuing pharmacy, but decided to change his career path to nursing because he wanted to interact more with patients and build long-lasting relationships.

Mr. Chau joined Intermountain Healthcare because he wanted to be part of an organization that gives back to the community. He grew up in Las Vegas and has witnessed the city’s growth firsthand, which has fostered his special connection with the community and his desire to make a difference.

Before joining Intermountain Healthcare, Mr. Chau was a RN at Summerlin Hospital and Medical Center and a relief charge nurse and RN at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center’s ortho/neuro unit.

Mr. Chau earned his Master of Science in nursing-family practitioner from Touro University, Nevada. He also holds a BS in nursing and biology from UNLV. He is certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

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