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House Calls

House Calls

Specialized care on your home turf

Our house call program is specially designed for Medicare Advantage patients who are homebound and need ongoing medical care but are unable to visit our offices.

The House Calls team includes providers, care managers, and social workers trained to care for patients in their homes and keep your primary care provider updated on your health and treatment. You may be referred to the House Calls program if your primary provider feels that you may be a fit so you can receive quality care where and when you need it.

Why would you use our house call services?

There are multiple reasons why a patient would benefit from the option to have a physician come to their home.

Elder Care

80% of older adults suffer from chronic conditions. Some of these conditions may make it difficult for older patients to be transported to hospitals or clinics.

Mobility Concerns

Patients with conditions such as diabetes, cancer, lung disease, heart disease, might suffer from impaired mobility that makes it difficult to access consistent care.

Compromised Immune System

Those with compromised immunity may not be able to risk potential contamination from exposing themselves to an environment where contagious diseases are prevalent.

Talk to your primary care provider to learn more or receive a referral. They can help determine if you qualify for this service. 

Our House Calls Team

Not everyone can travel to the clinic, but everyone should have the option to receive specialized care.

Stacey Cadaval, NP-C

Brittney Castro, NP-C

Shane Durham, NP

Robert Flood, NP

Gabriel Garcia, NP-C

Paigeone Goodman, NP

Dawn Hahn, LCSW

Ansy John, DNP, NP-C

LaTeisha Morgan, LCSW

Shanae Murphy, NP-C

Ricky Patrick, NP

Patricia Peterson, NP-C

Shelby Schiller, LCSW

Cheryl Shipske, NP-C

Kimberly White, NP-C

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