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Behavioral Health Treatment

Behavioral Health Treatment

What is Mental Health Integration?

Mind and body go hand in hand. Mental health has a big effect on physical health — and vice versa. Mental Health Integration (MHI) is an approach to healthcare that focuses on both. One team — led by your primary care provider — cares for your mental and physical health needs.

You know the team. Your provider — who knows you, your family, and all your healthcare issues — leads the team to coordinate and direct mental health services. Your provider will invite other caregivers to join the team as needed. The team knows you. They respect you, listen to you, and communicate well to help you improve your whole health.

Feel the difference. Mental health is a fundamental aspect of your well-being that deserves attention and care just as much as your physical body. The goal of integrating mental health services with your primary care is to help heal this core component of your health so you can focus on living your healthiest life.

Who is on a Mental Health Integration team?

Your team is recruited based on your unique needs. The team may include the following caregivers:

  • You: You’re the most important team member. You work with your primary care doctor to design the best care plan, and you take an active role in your own care. Getting better takes personal effort. We’ll help you with the process.
  • Your provider: The team leader, who recommends and explains a care plan, and then manages the plan with the help of the team.
  • Care manager or health advocate: A nurse or medical assistant who keeps in touch with you, connects you with resources, care providers, and helps resolve problems.
  • Psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner: A doctor or nurse practitioner with special training in mental health treatment who consults on medications and complex emotional illnesses.
  • Mental health provider: A psychologist or licensed clinical social worker who provides counseling and talk therapy.

How does Mental Health Integration work?

Your provider uses assessments to identify your need for mental health treatment. You, your provider, and your care team then work together to design the best treatment plan for you.

Team members communicate with each other to make sure you’re getting the care you need to support your whole health.

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Talk to your primary care provider about your behavioral health concerns to find out if you could benefit from mental health integration. You can also contact our mental health team by calling 702.852.9010 to schedule an appointment.

Each insurance company handles mental health services coverage differently, so check with your insurance plan for details or ask a member of your care team for assistance.

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