Medicare Helpline Events

Medicare Helpline Events

HealthCare Partners Nevada is now Intermountain Healthcare. Although we are not an insurance company, we are dedicated to providing you with information and access to a licensed insurance agent to help guide you in selecting a Medicare plan that meets your needs.

Upcoming Medicare Helpline Events

Join us for an upcoming Medicare Helpline in partnership with KSNV Channel 3. The Medicare Helpline is staffed by a team of experts dedicated to helping seniors and caregivers better understand healthcare coverage options. You’ll be able to speak with Nevada-licensed insurance agents who will be able to explain the complexities of Medicare in a simple and an easy-to-understand manner. We’ll educate seniors and caregivers on the ins-and-outs of everything Medicare—including the basics, enrollment periods, coverage options, and the benefits that come with Medicare Advantage plans.

Upcoming events:

  • Stay tuned for our fall event lineup

During the times above, call 702.637.0509 to connect with a licensed insurance agent and learn about your Medicare options.

Who can qualify to enroll?

There are special enrollment opportunities that occur throughout the year. This could include turning 65, or aging into Medicare, moving into the area or being diagnosed with a chronic condition. If you’re unsure whether or not you’d qualify, please give us a call and connect with a licensed insurance agent to find out.

What is the deadline?

Each special enrollment situation has a different window of opportunity so the deadlines vary. It’s important to connect with a licensed insurance agent to determine your deadline.

View our full list of events and find one near you today.

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