HealthCare Partners

Preventative Healthcare

Quality care starts here.

Our Coordinated Care Model is designed to help keep our patients healthy and out of the hospital. Your health comes first.

And, no matter where you visit us, HealthCare Partners Nevada's mission is to ensure all of our providers treat you with the utmost of care.

We take a total approach to your health.

What We Offer:
Your personal primary care physician of choice.

Instant access to one of the largest independent provider networks in Las Vegas, including:
  • All area hospitals

  • Post-acute facilities/skilled nursing facilities

  • Over 1,000 specialist and ancillary providers
Access to care when you need it - no long waits for appointments. More time during office visits to address your concerns and medical needs. 95% of referral requests completed in less than 96 hours. Registered Nurse (RN) Care Coordinators help to manage those with significant diseases or special circumstances. Thorough and coordinated care:
  • HCP outpatient and inpatient provider teams work in tandem to ensure you enjoy a continuum of excellent care from the exam room to the hospital room to the comfort of your home.

  • We ensure screenings and immunizations are completed, and we focus on prevention and disease education.

  • Our providers ensure correct medicines are used, decreasing out of pocket expenses.

  • Our team can help you maximize your health care benefits.
We routinely survey our patients to see how we can improve our services to you. HealthCare Partners only employs or contracts with board certified or eligible physicians and highly qualified nursing staff to consistently offer access to high quality care. We also provide thorough training and ongoing education in our company's proven approach to total care.