COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Here for you. Here for good. Now online.

The trusted healthcare your family needs is now available at home.

During this time of uncertainty, we want to reassure you Intermountain Healthcare, formerly HealthCare Partners Nevada, is here for you. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality healthcare services and are honored you entrust your care to us. Our team of dedicated caregivers has been working to continue to provide the best care possible while also doing everything we can to protect our patients and community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have implemented best practices from around the world and have developed a plan for how we will provide care to you during this time.

All of our clinics remain open and our clinic hours stay the same. Our providers offer telephone and video visits in addition to traditional face-to-face visits. Many patients are now moving their appointments to a video or telephone visit with their provider to enable access to care from the convenience of their home.

There are, of course some healthcare needs that can only properly be done in-person. We are continuing to do those visits in person: in many cases keeping the planned appointment. For less urgent needs we are offering patients the chance to postpone until 60 days in the future. All of this is being done to ensure we continue to provide high-quality care while also protecting you and our entire community during the coronavirus pandemic.


Additional helpful resources

Your Next Appointment Could Be From Home

Online video visits for many routine and urgent needs are now available with our providers.


"Wait time was short. Front desk staff are always friendly and smiling. They did all of the well children appointments in the morning so there was no risk of coming into contact with sick children. And they had special rooms set aside for newborns which was awesome. We felt very safe and not at risk. Our pediatrician, Dr. Candace Moore, is awesome. She's very thorough, listens, and is kind to our children. We trust her and are happy with her care."

myGeneration at Home: Symptom monitoring for Medicare Advantage patients

The myGeneration at Home program will help give you peace of mind by limiting visits to crowded medical facilities unless absolutely necessary. If you think you have coronavirus symptoms or have been exposed, your care team can monitor your condition from home with the Harmonize Health app.*

You are eligible for this program if:

  • You are a current Intermountain Healthcare patient seen at a myGeneration Senior Clinic
  • You have a smartphone with data access
  • You have access to a thermometer

You will need:

  • A smartphone with data access
  • A thermometer

Get Started

  1. Visit https://harmonize.health/covid-hcpnv/ on a computer or tablet to register
  2. Check your inbox for detailed instructions to download the Harmonize Health app
  3. Open the application on your mobile device and allow camera access
  4. Use your mobile device to scan the QR code in the email
  5. Tap the blue button and follow the instructions to input your symptoms and vitals


* The Harmonize Health app will not diagnose coronavirus infection. Your symptoms and vitals will be monitored remotely. If your symptoms are suggestive of coronavirus infection, an Intermountain Healthcare provider will contact you via video or phone call for further evaluation, testing, and/or treatment.

Successfully Surviving Social Distancing

Restricting normal activities can be a huge challenge especially if children are involved. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of activities that don’t rely on leaving the home or being in large groups.

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Attend an Upcoming Wellness Webinar

We’re bringing you new ways to stay informed while staying 6’ apart. Join us online for our new webinar series focused on health and wellness.

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