Mark Price Participates in Nevada Business Magazine Roundtable

Mark Price Participates in Nevada Business Magazine Roundtable

Few industries have seen as much change as healthcare has in the past decade. From insurance mandates to physician shortages, healthcare faces a multitude of challenges. Recently, executives representing healthcare in Nevada met at the Las Vegas offices of City National Bank to discuss the industry and what is needed to move forward.

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Connie Brennan, publisher and CEO of Nevada Business Magazine, served as moderator for the event. The magazine’s monthly roundtables bring together leaders to discuss issues relevant to their industries.

How do you define quality healthcare?

Mark Price: It really is incredible when you look at Nevada compared to [the] five states that border us. We have more hospital beds per capita than the states around us, but we have fewer physicians per capita. We could say the same thing about behavioral health. There’s a lot of areas on the preventative side where we’re really short. So we’re providing care in a way that’s most expensive and not the highest quality for the patients. The right care, at the right time, for the right patient, that’s the biggest challenge. Part of it is the reimbursement model, part of it is social support and it goes well beyond healthcare. How do we support the patients when they’re not in the healthcare system? It all feeds into the same thing.

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