Listening to Our Elders: Mental Health in the Senior Population

Mental health conditions are becoming increasingly common throughout the U.S. population, and can often be more acute among seniors. One of the most common mental health conditions is depression, which affects more than six million Americans age 65 and older. Symptoms of depression are often exacerbated during the holiday season, and can unfortunately be a contributor to later-life suicide.

In many cases, substance abuse coincides with mental health issues. For individuals over 60, substance abuse is one of the fastest-growing health problems in the U.S. For a variety of reasons, seniors may end up taking medications they no longer need which is why physicians at Intermountain Healthcare’s myGeneration Senior Clinics strongly advocate for medication reconciliation.

Jud Fisher, MD

In this Health Care Quarterly article, Intermountain Healthcare provider, Dr. Jud Fisher, places a special focus on detecting these serious issues at the onset while offering advice to help improve mental health and overall wellbeing.

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